MSD graduates students empowered with a positive Deaf identity and who demonstrate the knowledge confidence and leadership to become contributing citizens in a diverse, technological and democratic society.


To provide academics and social excellence - rich in ASL and English literacy for all students from infancy to graduation, to be the leader in educating Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in Michigan, and to provide services to their families and the community.


  • We believe that cooperative partnership among the student, family, school, dorm and community is essential for student growth and development.

  • We believe students have the right to the general curriculum and/or specialized programs as appropriate where reading, writing, and math skills are developed and critical thinking, problem solving, self-advocacy and decision making skills are fostered.

  • We believe the acquisition of both American Sign Language and English language literacy is of paramount importance and should begin as early as possible at home, school and dorm to ensure fluency.

  • We believe the needs of students are best met by staff proficient in ASL and English who affirm that all children can learn, do quality work, develop a positive self-image, and establish career goals that reflect their skills and potential.

  • We believe a shared accountability among all stakeholders ensures student outcomes and is the key to a successful academic and residential program.

  • We believe exposure to and education about ASL/Deaf Culture enriches the lives of students, their families and staff.

  • We believe that participation in extracurricular activities, both after school and in the community, are crucial to the personal development of an individual.

  • We believe that competency in current technology is critical for information, communication and career opportunities.

  • We believe diversity in school and community is to be embraced by nurturing respect, acceptance and appreciation for differences among human beings.