Cyber Safety for Parents and Guardians of MSD Students

Below you will find resources and useful links to help safeguard your child's cyber safety both at home and in school

Click here for the email that was sent to parents

Here is a link to a YouTube video titled "Social Media Dangers Documentary - Childhood 2.0".

It is a powerful video explaining the dangers of the Internet. Click Here for Social Media Dangers Video

Here is another link to resources for parents: Protect Young Eyes

This resource, titled Apps Every Parent Should Know, is a compilation of the most popular apps that youth and young adults use on their personal devices. This resource was developed by the Michigan State Police (MSP) Cyber Crimes Unit – Internet Crimes Against Children. Page 8 is a useful tool for starting a conversation with your child.

Click here to view this resource.

Here is a quick reference poster showing 15 apps parents should know.

Click Here to See the Poster

The state of Michigan has provided an excellent resource for parents called ProtectMiChild

The state has also provided an Internet Safety Guid for Teachers and Parents : Internet Safety Guide

From the Michigan State Police: Seven Signs Your Child May be at Risk Online