Estimate of Charges for 2021-2022 School Year

The Basic Tuition Charge, which includes all the following activities, is 38,230.

•               Bilingual classroom instruction

•               Reading interventions

•               American Sign Language interventions

•               Auditory therapy

•               Audiological services

•               Speech and Language services

•               Medical services

•               Counseling services

•               Transition coordination services

•               American Sign Language classes for families

•               Sports and other extra-curricular activities There is no charge to parents.

The following is the approximate net charge to the resident intermediate school district (ISD):

Basic Tuition                                                                     38,230

Less Basic Foundation Amount                                         (8,700)

Less Section 54 Amount                                                  (17,842)

Net Cost to the ISD (excluding transportation)                11,688

Additional services required by the IEP (i.e., occupational therapy; physical therapy; assignment at the area skill center; etc.) are charged to the ISD accordingly, and are discussed/approved by the !SD/Resident District prior to implementation.

There is no charge for room and board to either parents or the ISD.