Michigan School for the Deaf Timeline

1848 State of Michigan Law established a School for the Deaf and for the Blind
1849 November, Flint won over Romeo and Kalamazoo
1849 December, First Principal, Charles Palmer, never took office
1849 Epaphroditus Ranson, Governor of Michigan
1853 Reverend Barnabas M. Fay hired. First rented a building on the corner of 8th and Church
1854 February 6th first student, James Bradley. First deaf student to enter the school at the age of 26. The school opened its doors to deaf and blind. Mary Hoff was the first blind student. Total students 12
1854 School building construction began
1855 William M. Berg, first deaf teacher hired and taught until 1876
1855 Students enrolled: 70
1856 Students enrolled: 72. First permanent building to be erected on campus, building later named Clarke Hall
1857 Students enrolled: 111
1861 Purchased Lot 70 in Glenwood Cemetery for burial of orphans attending school
1868 Name of school was changed from "Asylum" to "Institution"
1868 Brick workshop/Vocational building erected
1870 Main school building in front of (Clarke Hall) completed after the Civil War
1872 Printing Shop was added to the school
1874 First MICHIGAN MIRROR (School publication)
1875 Enrollment surpasses 200 students
1880 Separate school for the blind established and located in Lansing
1894 Superintendent's residence constructed, students of cabinet shop decorated interior including many pieces of ornate furniture
1897 New shop building started - Turner Hall,- Honor Cottage later became a Hospital and Orchard Cottage used by staff members.
1899 Ground broken and Brown Hall erected
1900 Classes open in Brown Hall
1912 Main building destroyed by fire and the construction of the new building (Fay Hall) started in 1913 and completed in 1914 (same location)
1926 Stewart Gym constructed
1932 Gilbert Hall constructed
1934 Enrollment surpasses 500 students
1942 Service Building built (1992 Thelma Heck)
1949 Stevens Hall constructed
1953 Heating Plant constructed
1958 New School Building built (1992 Fay Academy)
1964 New Health Center Built (1992 Irene Hughes)
1969 Enrollment of over 400 students
1991 First Deaf Superintendent Dr. Brian D. McCartney is hired
1995 Sold Fay Hall, Stewart Gym and 6 acres to Valley School
1995 Blind students moved back to Flint campus
1998 Started Construction on New Blind Dormitory on Flint Campus
1998 Dr. Brian D. McCartney passes away of acute leukemia.
2003 Beth Steenwyk becomes Dept Director of Spec Ed and begins to oversee MSDB
2004 MSD Celebrates 150 years-Time capsule planted
2005 Fay Hall Stewart Gym etc revert back to the State of MI
2005 MSD has an enrollment of 150 students
2005 CAC places Video Phones all across campus
2006 David Sanderson hired as State Administrative Manager for MSD
2011 MSD campus sold to a developer. A new school built for MSD to lease from the developer.
2011 David Sanderson retired - position currently vacant
2011 Ground Breaking Ceremony October 13, 2011
2012 2012-2013 School year starts in the new building
2012 Tear down of Fay Academy begins
2013 Football team wins for the first game since 1978
2013 MSD hosts Academic Bowl
2014 MSD hosts CSSD Basketball and Cheerleading Tournament
2014 Middle school students won regionals for Battle of the Books