One-on-One Teacher Aide Position
One-on-One Teacher Aide Position
Thursday, February 07, 2019

Position: Teacher Aide (One-on-One)

Job Type: School Year

Bargaining Unit: None

Location: Michigan School for the Deaf, Flint

Hourly Rate: $11.50-$13.50 Per Hour Worked

Effective Date: ASAP

Description: Acts as companion for student. Attend periodic meetings regarding student progress. Serves as role model for student. Provides support and encouragement to student. Accompanies student throughout the day. Advise, help and tutor student. Participates in all activities with student. Teach student to anticipate difficult situations and deal with them. Create opportunities to provide student with positive attention. Encourage classroom interaction. Work with teacher to assure success of student. Prepare and maintain written reports as required. Performs related work appropriate to classification assigned. Responsible for the safety and well-being of their student. Assure educational needs are on task, re-explaining the concept, working with student independently. Establish regular social norms such as greetings, turn taking appropriate social niceties and etiquette when eating and cleaning up after self. Maintaining student cleanliness and independence. At all times, be a language and role model to the student. This includes being focused on classroom tasks, interacting with students and being on a personal electronic device or to discuss personal issues not appropriate for school.

One-on-One Teacher Aide Application