Roblox Tournament Hosted by  DeafESPN!


WHAT: Roblox Tournament

WHO: Any Deaf K-12 Students WORLDWIDE

HOW: Download Roblox App on a smartphone for free then open to start designing your own game!

WHEN: The complete piece is due on Sunday January 31 


  1. No shooting game or inappropriate language/design
  2. Show us a screen of yourself explaining what your game is about while playing it (zoom screen share, for example)
  3. Your zoom or screen share video should be up to 2 minutes only, save it on YouTube or Twitch for example then send the link to us
  4. Attach your saved game file and email it to and when we reach the finalists, we will test play YOUR game
  5. HAVE FUN!


PRIZES: Depending on how many participants, we will provide multiple winners with awesome prizes as always from our amazing supporters!

EXAMPLES:  The ability for you to create something completely your own is nearly endless.  You could make a sport game, a school game, maze game, puzzle game,  adventure game, racing game, etc.!