The audiologist provides hearing aid and cochlear implant support, ear mold impressions and fittings, manages yearly otology clinic, and provides staff training and parent consultation. Services include frequent monitoring of hearing health and status and direct communication with parents and caregivers.

Audiology Scope of Practice

The speech language pathologist combines communication goals with academic and social goals to help with reading, writing, understanding of texts/lessons and basic language concepts. Services provided aim to habilitate or supplement current language & communication and may involve any of the following: augmentative/alternative devices, verbal speech/articulation, expression/comprehension of language and overall cognitive-communication needs. Speech language pathologists can also provide education, evaluation, and treatment in dysphagia (difficulty with feeding and swallowing).

 Speech Language Pathology Scope of Practice

Additionally, audiological and speech language professionals collectively provide the following services:

-Access to verbal communication through intervention

-Supplement English language and literacy by providing phonological and language therapies

-Collaboration and consulting with teachers and other professionals

-Advocacy of healthy hearing and language development

-Utilizes research based evidence in all aspects of assessment and treatment practices

-Evaluation of communication skills

-Development and implementation of IEP goals

-Parent education

Check out the national association for speech-language-hearing (ASHA) at https://www.asha.org/ for more information!