Michigan School for the Deaf Tuition

Estimate of Charges for 2017-18 School Year

The Basic Tuition Charge, which includes all the following activities, is $28,100.

  • Bilingual classroom instruction from highly-qualified certified teachers of the Deaf
  • Reading interventions
  • American Sign Language interventions
  • Auditory therapy
  • Audiological services
  • Speech and Language services
  • Medical services
  • Counseling services
  • Transition coordination services
  • American Sign Language classes for families
  • Sports and other extra-curricular activities

There is no charge to parents.

The following is the approximate net charge to the resident intermediate school district (ISD):

Basic tuition$28,100
Less basic foundation amount($7,000)
Less section 54 amount($10,700)
Net cost to the ISD (excluding transportation)$10,400

Additional services required by the IEP (i.e., occupational therapy; physical therapy; assignment at the area skill center; etc.) are charged to the ISD accordingly, and are discussed/approved by the ISD/Resident District prior to implementation.

There is no charge for room and board to either parents or the ISD.

MSD Tuition

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