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"MSD gave my son an ever growing vocabulary to express himself to us and to others! He has also made friends that can understand him and he can understand them! It was a scary decision at first but I'm sooooo happy that we made that decision over 12 years ago!"

Mike & Barb 
& Kaleb McDonald 

"Michigan School for the Deaf is a language enriched environment. At 2 1/2 years old, my son was introduced to a whole new world. It has given him a jump start on education, language, socialization, and a chance to learn through structured play. There is no other place I would rather have him be."


"As a teacher for the deaf, I have taught in Michigan, Washington state and now Maryland. I have literally been from one coast to the other in schools for the deaf and mainstream schools. It is with greatest honesty that I can say MSD is a fantastic place for deaf students. This staff is hard working, loving, and eager to learn as educators. They pass these attributes to their students by using best practices and balanced literacy and I am proud to know them."
With Utmost Respect,
Jenni Dau (J.D.)
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